Oxford Research Project 4th ESO

27 novembre 2017 - CURS 2017/2018

June 2017

The best trip that we’ve ever had was this summer when we went to Oxford with our classmates. We went there to do an English project about Oxford.

Oxford School

The first day we woke up at 6 and we met our classmates at 7:30 at the high school. There we took a coach to the airport. Once there we had to check in our luggage and go through the security control. Luckily we had a calm flight!

After we had arrived at Gatwick airport, two buses took us to the Oxford English Centre. There, we met Jared, our guide, and then our families picked us up and took us to their houses.

The second day was very busy.. First we worked on our project at the school. We spent all the morning there and we had lunch at the school’s canteen. In the afternoon we did a sightseeing walking tour around Oxford. There we had some free time. Later, we returned to our houses to have dinner and after that we went back to the school because Jared had prepared a karaoke party for us.

Natural History Museum

The third day was fantastic! After working on our project we had lunch at the school, as usual. That afternoon we visited Christ Church, where we saw some settings of Harry Potters’ films. We loved the dining room and the stairs!! After that, the teachers gave us some free time. Finally we had dinner with our host

The Bridge of Sighs

On the fourth day we went to London! When we arrived we went straight to the London Eye. There we enjoyed the views and we took some very nice photos! We went to a park to have lunch after we had seen Buckingham Palace. Then we walked to Piccadilly Circus and we had free time to go shopping.

The fifth day was our day off to go on our own. All of us had to take pictures for our projects. It was fun to walk around the city by ourselves!


The sixth day we finished our projects at the school and prepared our presentations. After having lunch at the school we went river punting . What a fantastic experience!! Luckily no one fell into the river! In the evening we had a barbecue at the Oxford Rugby Club. We ate delicious food and had the chance to practise some sport!

Tuesday the 20th was a sad day. In the morning we did the presentations. We had lunch at the school and in the afternoon we went to Gatwick airport. We stayed there until 9:00 p. m., when the plane took off.

When we arrived in Barcelona, we took the coach to go back to our high school, where our parents were waiting to pick us up.

Jana Domènech & Júlia Guri 1r BAT C